who we are

Connecting founders with the right merchant services solutions for their business.

Sidglo is a global fintech platform focused on connecting founders with the solutions that best serve their business.

After over a decade as investors and operators in the fintech and payments space, we started Sidglo as a response to a payments industry filled with misinformation and often unnecessarily complex or even predatory terms and pricing structures.

​This landscape clearly did not service businesses, leading us to create a platform that combines expertise and transparency with the aim of empowering founders to easily and quickly get the solutions they need at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey.​

Our platform gives you access to a large collection of highly vetted providers that are industry leaders in their respective categories, while our team of experts saves you time, money, and frustration in finding you the best solutions for what your business actually needs.

We firmly believe that "one size doesn't fit all", and that the company with the biggest marketing budget isn’t necessarily always the best one for your business.

It is for this reason that we are truly provider agnostic. Unlike traditional payment companies our focus is not to sell you on our products, but rather to help identify and deliver the right unique solutions for your business, whichever they may be.