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Our initial consultation will examine how you currently accept payments and what your desired outcomes are so that we can identify the best payment experience for your business. This includes pricing, equipment, technology, scale and any other specifications you may need.

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Analysis & Proposal

We will then source the best solutions for your business across multiple providers specific to your industry. Leveraging the power of our ecosystem allows us to deliver the best value at a fraction of the cost, including giving you access to preferred pricing regardless of your size or processing volume.

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Once you have selected the perfect solution for your business we help you navigate the onboarding process, from negotiating preferred terms on your behalf to assisting you with any integrations and set up needed. We are here to ensure a smooth and seamless experience.

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Once your solution is up and running we remain on board and support your account. You can view us as your very own in-house payment experts, whether your business needs a different solution or simply to slightly pivot due to expansion, we are always here to assist you along the way.

We sold to Phillips Pty Ltd

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why sidglo?

Everything your business needs, all in one place.

Sidglo was built with you in mind, as an easy and convenient way for you to access and compare the best merchant services solutions for your business across a multitude of qualified providers, with a team of experts to support you along the way.

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Our global partner ecosystem gives us the ability to quickly find or even custom build the perfect solution for your business across multiple industry specific options.

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Our team of experts not only assists you in building the right solution, but also negotiates the best possible terms and pricing for those solutions as well.

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Our platform is back-end integrated, allowing us to give you our services without the need to add a premium on pricing for any of the solutions we deliver.

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We are your in-house payments experts, once a solution has been delivered we then stay on board as your first point of contact for anything you may need moving forward.

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Home Team

We are truly provider agnostic, we simply deliver what your business needs and advise you as the landscape of products, services, and regulations continually shifts and evolves.

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We are constantly expanding and curating our ecosystem, giving you a lifetime of access to high quality solutions and providers for any current or future business needs.

We are your in house payment experts, always on call to help with your business goals.

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Reach out to our experts today and let us design a custom program for your business.