Shifting resources for greater social impact.

Supporting organizations that add value to the community.

Our Give initiaitve is an accessible way to support organizations and non-profits by donating to them a portion of the fees generated each month from the payment services we deliver to their members.

Our goal with this initiative is to expand on our own mission of bringing power back to businesses by implementing a system that champions the value driven infrastructures that support them.

Simply put, we take fees that merchants are currently already paying for payment services, and we put them to better use in the form of donations to organizations and non-profits.

Creating a brand new donation stream for any organization or non-profit.


Members of our Give partners benefit from our full suite of services.

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Account Analysis

Free consultation and comprehensive analysis of a member's current payment set up and operations.

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Solution Evaluation

Solution due diligence and evaluation by experts in a member's specific industry to find the best matches for your business.

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Onboarding Services

Dedicated onboarding support team with access to preferred in-house terms and pricing.

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Integration Support

Assistance with account implementation, software integration, hardware set up, and staff training.

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No Rate Increase

There are no premium requirements on products and there will never be a rate increases on a merchant's existing processing costs.

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Latest Payment Tech

​We work with the best payment providers in the country and offer solutions with the latest and most dynamic payment technologies.

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Working Capital

Flexible and transparent programs from quick and friendly cash advances to large scale lines of credit.

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Strong Community

As a multi-provider platform if a member ever needs to change or upgrade their solutions they can do that without ever needing to leave the Sidglo ecosystem.

Donate to organizations by simply supporting their members.


Some additional insights for organizations or non-profits interested in a Give partnership.

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How much does becoming a Give partner cost?
Where do the donations that Give partner organizations receive come from?
Business owners are often very busy, how long does getting set up take?
How many participating members do we need to qualify for this?
Can only members of our organization participate?
This sounds what's the catch?
How long will it takes us to get started?
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Ready to get started?

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