Easy POS systems for your partners to master and for your employees to implement.

Seamless payment processing for all of your locations.

Build custom, reliable and secure payment processing solutions for your customers without compromising sensitive data, with access to mobile integrations for on-the-go acceptance and EMV tip adjust features to cut down on chargebacks.

We have a suite of streamline solutions that make it easy for you to monitor the health of your business at a glance, as we understand that how you process payments throughout your franchise operations can be a deciding factor when you're looking to attract potential partners.

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How about we just start at zero?
Pay $0 for all credit card transactions and save up to 90% on your monthly processing costs.

Eliminate the cost of accepting credit cards while remaining in compliance with card association rules and all state regulations.


We work for you.

Companies in all industries and of all sizes from startups to Fortune 500s use Sidglo to save time and money by evaluating multiple providers at once and find the perfect solution for their business.

Account Analysis

Free consultation and comprehensive analysis of your current payment set up and operations.

Solution Evaluation

Solution due diligence and vendor evaluation by experts in your specific industry to find the best matches for your business.

Onboarding Services

Dedicated onboarding support team with access to preferred in-house terms and pricing.

Integration Support

Assistance with account implementation, software integration, hardware set up and staff training.


Leverage the power of our ecosystem.

Our analysis covers every aspect of your business, comparing the top qualified providers specific to your industry and how their solutions can best work for you.
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