"Highly recommended to anyone who values the dying art of customer service".

Say whaaaaat?

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Coggins Toyota
Scott, Owner

Sidglo was able to save us over 90% on our monthly processing costs across all of our dealerships, and we now pay literally $0 for all of our credit card transactions. This was an absolute game changer!

The account executive they assigned to us has also been just incredible, always available even via text to help our staff with anything we may need. I've referred everyone I know and I would highly recommend working with them.

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Berkshire Roots
Kurt, General Manager

Working with Sidglo was truly a game changer for us, as we found ourselves in a bad contract with an outrageous cancelation fee and a provider that wasn’t delivering on the services we needed.

After our initial consultation with their team, they immediately got to work for us and were miraculously able to get out of our contract at no cost, and then structured an incredible deal with our new provider that gave our company a six figure a year savings on expenses.

We also absolutely love our designated account executive, she is super prompt and helpful with any questions or needs we may have, and a true joy to work with. They have made operating in the cannabis industry feel like running a traditional business — we are never leaving!

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Volkan, Owner

Working with Sidglo has certainly made life a whole lot easier. I’ve owned and operated several traditional businesses, but as I expanded my portfolio into cannabis having a knowledgeable and reliable team to help guide me through a maze of regulation and compliance was essential in allowing me to focus on the vital aspects of my business.

Every location I've opened has been a little different, and my account executive has been stellar in advising me along the way and helping to craft the perfect solutions for each one — I’m definitely a Sidglo lifer! Highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t like to waste time and values the dying art of customer service"

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Michele, Owner

A breath of fresh air. They immediately understood what was needed for our specific industry and quickly set us up accordingly, saving us money on fees and always being super responsive with any questions or needs we may have.

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Seven Salon & Spa
Maurice, Owner

Saving lots of money on our processing fees was obviously great, but what made the difference for me was their team actually taking the time to help with our compliance and technology needs instead of just signing us to a merchant account and disappearing.

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Kapha Cannabis
Robert, General Manager

My experience with Sidglo has been outstanding! The provider they paired us with is phenomenal and our in-house account executive has been super easy to work with and hands on since day one, always available to answer any questions or help address any challenges. I would strongly recommend Sidglo to anyone looking for a simple and user-friendly way to find a great payment solution, especially if you work in cannabis.

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Taft Farms
Paul, Owner

Working with the Sidglo team has been great, they were able to save us a tremendous amount of money on our processing fees, and our customer service experience has been consistently excellent over the years. They are always prompt to help us with anything we may need.

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Rey, COO

Sidglo has been one of the best decisions I made for my business. Their commitment to their clients over everything else really shines through in the customer service and attention to detail they have provided to me long after I signed on.

Any time there is a way to save a little more on fees or upgrade our solutions, our account executive reaches out without me even having to call. I can say that I am a proud member of the Sidglo Lifers, and highly recommend working with them!


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